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This is their shop at 213 S. State in Ann Arbor(map). Foggy Bottom Bayou is a glass shop that has a little of everything. They specialize in custom pipes, jewelry, clothing, and every other treasure you can imagine. The big difference with this shop is it's artist owned and only sell local glass and artwork. The guy talking to you about a piece in the shop most likely had a hand in it's creation.


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Rascals Ink Pipe

The Rascals Custom Sherlock (click images for larger)

Rascals Pipe TopRascals Pipe Right SideRascals Pipe MouthpieceRascals Pipe LeftsideRascals Pipe Left FrontRascals Pipe Front


Glass Bottles

Foggy Bottom Beads

Foggy Bottom Glass



Rascals Ink Right Front Rascals Ink Piece Top Rascals Ink Piece Right Side Rascals Ink Piece Mouthpiece Rascals Ink Piece Left Side Rascals Ink Piece Left Front Rascals Ink Piece Front

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