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Over the years we've photographed everything from families and their pets to concerts and expo events. If you need a picture taken of it, there is a good chance we know an expert. Here are a few examples of our photography work. Contact Josh D. for any of your photographic needs.


Looking for Mammoths

Looking for Mammoths played Wednesday night with Tiger Tiger (Click photo for slide show). They blew everyone away with their jazz funk styling of rock and roll. Throw in some comedy and stage antics and you have recipe to keep the crowed wanting more. Good job guys.



The Jols Solo

The Jols had a great turn out on Saturday for his first solo show (click photo for slide show). Inkface and the Digital Dream followed with a stunning electric rock combo.



Soundhound opened for UV Hippo at TC's Speakeasy (click photo for slide show). Everyone had a great time and I think we found a few new rascals. Great job on getting the crowed on their feet.



Ann Arbors own Aleph-1 opened for Tortoise at The Blind Pig
(click photo for slide show).


Dunegrass 2008

We all had a heck of a time up there in Empire Michigan (click photo for slide show). The whole Rascals crew was there, new and old friends. Thanks to everyone that helped out with the trip, it turned out to be a real community event.

Dunegrass Photos


Shred Battle

Boatlaunch of Nightcap Vs. The Jols of Inkblot (click for slide show). Two men enter one man leaves, in a winner take all shred battle of the ages. 5 rounds refereed and hosted by Ringmaster Zeb, 3 judges decided the winner based on speed, technical ability, and stage presence. Vox Maui followed the battle with a rock tribute to the winner. Boatlaunch was the winner of this event, but there are already rumors going around of a rematch, Jols was quoted as saying "That belt won't be his (boatlaunch) for long."


Aleph 1

7.19.08 - Aleph-1 at the Heidelberg



Trader Joe Murals

Rascals, Ink. in the community - Our own Josh D recently finished up a project for the local Ann Arbor Trader Joe's. Involving almost 50 pieces, the murals were all created from images of local land marks around the town. They were then scaled up and painted to create a whole new 3 dimensional environment for the store. The final murals are still being painted and installed, check back soon for photographs of them in their true glory.




6.28.08 - Inkblot & Nightcap at The Heidelberg (click for slide show).



Inkblot at Blind Pig

6.19.08 - Inkblot & Nightcap at The Blind Pig (click for slide show).



Looking for Mammoths The Jols Solo Tortoise Dunegrass Shred Battle Aleph 1 Trader Joe Murals Inkblot at Heidelberg Inkblot at Blind Pig

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