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Joshua R. Devault, the Big D, Devo. However you call me, it all started here. I am the original creator of Rascals,Ink. I have been in the photography, screen printing, and graphic design world for about 20 years now. Having done everything from studio and on location photography, to large scale design and graphics projects, I finally decided to go it alone. Just so happens right after going it alone, a few friends joined in and away we went.


Rascals, Ink. is a local Ann Arbor-based design firm. With members' skills ranging from graphics, photography, design, screen printing, web building, promotions, architecture, performance art, music, and fire, we are quite a force to be had. We are trying to build a network of local artists and performers to help everyone along. The more the better-- everyone knows everyone else one way or another, so why not harness those connections for a greater good, supporting local everything.


Ann Arbor is where we call home, or a least where we hang our hats. Lately, we have branched out to Ypsilanti, Detroit, and a few other cities. Wherever we find an artist or band that is in need of some friends in the business, that's where we'll be.


Our main goal is to help generate buzz about local music and art. We are doing so by getting involved in as many music, performing arts, and community events as possible. We're even getting our feet wet in clothing design, all to help fund local music.

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Our Clients


Sticky Ypsi

Sticky Ypsi is a dispensary in Ypsilanti Michigan that we have helped create a brand all their own.  From original logo design and website work, to their entire menu and marketing, we've done it all


CannAlleviate is one of our flagship products. We've helped the creators of this company develop their product into an international success.


Beard Butter

This one is for the gentlemen in our lives. It's a company that came as a side project of CannAlleviate but took off on its own. Now it's sold all over the world.

Dime Dab

These guys are going places! Here we have a company that creates a cough syrup in the ever emerging cannabis industry. Using old school recipes with new school branding we've created a unique customer experience. Now they are in full production and looking to expand!

Canna Sugar

Here we have another product company that wanted help with branding and marketing. With our help we've gotten them in dispensaries all across Michigan with Nation distribution coming next.

Afro Disiac

This one's for the ladies. Here we have a company that we helped along the way, create logos, packaging, and marketing.

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Over the years we've photographed everything from families and their pets to concerts and expo events. If you need a picture taken of it, there is a good chance we know an expert.

Graphic Design

Well that's a broad term, we design everything from corporate branding and logo work to simple stickers for packaging. Let us know what we can help you create.



Web Development

How do you think we got such an awesome site! Now we can help you with yours.

Dispo Managment

We've helped create and maintain multiple dispensaries from scratch. Navigating new laws and proper city licensing can be a pain, let us help you find your own green rush. 



Canna Consulting

Our experts have been in the game as long as its been green. In other words we can help with everything from cultivation and growing to extraction and production. If it has something to do with cannabis, we probably helped paved the way.

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Satisfied Customers




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